Was the I-25 tanker crash preventable?

KUSA – With the supposed benefit of hindsight, you may be wondering if the tanker crash that caused the recent Interstate 25 fire could have been prevented.

But the fact of the matter is that nothing is foolproof.

The police in Greenwood Village, where the crash happened, has two officers certified to inspect trucks in hopes of catching an issue before it escalates into a crash.

And they told us that while terrible crashes are memorable, they’re also quite rare.

Eric Schmitt of Greenwood Village Police said that they had a semi-truck fly off the overpass once and land on a car, which is quite the memorable image.

“We really want that zero tolerance attitude,” he said.

Who can say how many crashes they’ve prevented. But it’s an impossible task to catch everyone.

What caught Next’s attention was Greenwood Village Police saying that when they can check trucks, they find problems.

Take last October. About half of the 31 trucks they checked had so many violations they were immediately taken off the road.

So maybe just be careful of trucks on the road.

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