Lakewood Colorado Restaurants That Are Sure Not To Disappoint

Instead of taking you to multiple cities this time around, let’s go to one city and multiple restaurants. You see, this one city really caught my eye. My favorite city in Colorado has always been Boulder, but Lakewood got my attention. So let’s take a look at this great city in Colorado to find more of its top restaurants. We are going to find some good ones.

In the last article, we went to one restaurant in Lakewood, Union 240. That is actually the top rated establishment out of all of the restaurants there, for now anyway. The next one is Cafe Jordano, which is located on West Jewell Avenue. This is an Italian restaurant, but you are going to find out quickly that it isn’t typical, just like the reviews say. However, the menu highlights do feature foods that you still might expect, too. Try something new at Cafe Jordano.

We skipped a couple restaurants to get to one that looks really interesting. Blue Sky Cafe looks like a cool restaurant, and the #5 ranked establishment is located on West Colfax Avenue. Have you ever tried sweet potato pancakes before? They sound d pretty delicious to me, and this brunch spot serves them up on the daily. Get your grub on with some great breakfast or lunch food at Blue Sky Cafe.

By the way, the reviewers say that the last one is a favorite restaurant of the locals. That’s the type of pick you want if you are on vacation of course, and you can definitely plan out a good time in Lakewood. Lakewood and its restaurants and attractions are just some if what Colorado has to offer, and you know where to keep coming back to find more. Let us help you travel Colorado in style.

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